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Radiant Beauty


Makeup artist Laiba Sreevas

OWNER: Laiba Sreevas


Laiba Sreevas is a Certified Professional Makeup Artist based out of Orangeville, Ontario. She has always had an eye for art and a passion for Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling. She started her career as a Makeup Artist in 2010 by doing backstage makeup for Runway shows and Bollywood fashion shows. She has done makeup for the most prestigious shows including the IIFA, International Fashion Festival, celebrity concerts and for mainstream brands including H&M.

Other than the fashion industry Laiba has also been involved in film makeup and special effects.

Laiba got trained by another makeup artist and got her formal certification from Vizio Makeup Academy (California) where she also trained as a Professional Airbrush/Bridal and SFX Makeup Artist.

Laiba specializes in Makeup for all events including Bridal/Wedding makeup and South Asian Bridal Makeup. 

Laiba owns her own company, Radiant Beauty (formerly known as Radiant Faces and College Groomers). 


"I love my customers and makeup is more than work for me. It is a way I express myself... Makeup is the medium I use to create art," Laiba Sreevas.

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